Sensual Re-education


   The publication “Sensual Re-education” touches on the notions of process, subversion and beauty, with a mixture of candid photographs and staged images taken in both London and the Bahamas. It is a book with final images, but that also includes the experimentation process in it, to represent the idea that in order to manifest creativity, we must explore our instinctual impulses. 

     The work is a collection of previous explorations, small images to provide windows into a world. They are all separated in an identical scale, to indicate the role they play in an evolving idea. The second part is a realisation of these ideas, using the camera to abstract the environment, to relate to the subjects differently. Through the pairing of various objects and perspectives in tandem with the women swimming, the pairing aims to underline the way in which we construct meaning. The female form is taken out of context, to create a different connotation.